A subtle earthly poem that makes up the beautiful part of the world of the garden and rustic ambiances. Foliage, peonies, hydrangeas, violets, buttercups, old roses …

The passion for light flowers, the charming happy quaintness, soft colors, delicate fragrances, the service of original compositions and always tailor-made, be it in the boutique or exterior professional services. Respect for plant cycles is like second nature: fresh seasonal flowers (non-refrigerated), local producers mostly. The same quality exigence for each creation. A client passing through or a professional subscription, confidential boutique or luxury brand: each assembly for each staging creates an exquisite inner emotion …


Originally from Picard, a double penchant in heritage : one for earth and one for art. From a horse breeder father and a visual artist mother, a strong connection with nature and a keen aesthetic sense as a deciding heritage.

In Paris, Céline DUSSAULE provides her with first the fundamentals of the business as expert colorist notably. With Eric CHAUVIN, the training is complete during four years with a resolutely high end clientele (Vendôme, Yves Saint-Laurent, Hermès …).

Quickly assisting the prestigious florist, he transmits his approach all in the finesse of compositions, as well as the secrets of the house. With such strong roots, opening her own boutique in Nice in 2011 was an opportunity to let her own style flourish around the expertise and a universe that earned her the trust of the most demanding professionals: Hermes, Cartier, Dior, decoration shops, hotels, restaurants …



5 rue Dalpozzo – 06000 NICE – Tel : 04 97 08 33 12 – Mobile: 06 74 16 86 45

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9h-13h and from 15h-20h and Sunday from 9h-13h